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Company Information

We continuously pursue
the highest performance and reliability,
to create more advanced technology.

These are the little forms that we create.
Each carefully-made component functions as the heart of advanced technology.
We carry on supporting society and the world, and creating new futures,
by continuously delivering the highest satisfaction.


With outstanding quality, we always provide our customers around the world with the highest satisfaction, and we keep on getting better.

Company Profile

Trade nameFLAT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd.
RepresentativePresident and CEO Eiji Hayami
Nominal capitalJPY50 million
Banking relationshipsKiraboshi Bank,
MUFG Bank,
Haneda branch
Headquarters and factory 3-1-27 Nakatakita, Izumi-ku, Yokohama,
Kanagawa, 245-0012, Japan
Total floor area: 641㎡
Main products Development, manufacturing, and sale of thin metallic film resistors and electronic devices
- Thin film chip resistors
- Thin film chip resistor networks
- SIP type thin film resistor networks
- Radial leads thin film resistors
Electrical Equipment Department4-65-18 Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku,
Yokohama, Kanagawa, 245-0013, Japan
Total floor area: 651㎡
Main productsManufacturing and sale of electrical equipment
- Solenoid valves for vehicles
- Switches for vehicles
- Fuel injection pump components
- Actuators

Company History

04.1966Began researching metallic film resistors
04.1967Succeeded in commercializing such resistors
09.1967Established Flat Electronics Co., Ltd. in Ota ward, Tokyo, with
Seiji Nishigaya became president-director
07.1970Built a factory in Izumi-ku (formerly Totsuka-ku), Yokohama
12.1971Capital increase to JPY2 million nominal capital
03.1973Takashi Ota became president-director
Relocated headquarters to Izumi-ku, Yokohama
04.1973Capital increase to JPY10 million nominal capital
09.1984Installed laser trimming equipment
02.1985Developed square plate-type chip resistors
07.1987Developed surface-mounted network resistors
07.1989Installed sputtering equipment
Installed an etching system
01.1994Started mass production of electrical equipment for cars (Electrical Equipment Department)
02.1996Installed automated inspection taping equipment for chip resistors
03.1997Developed solenoid valves for brake control (Electrical Equipment Department)
05.1997Installed a laser marking system
06.1997Installed laser scribe equipment
01.1999Developed Thin Film Chip Resistors Networks
12.1999Electrical Equipment Department acquired ISO9002 certification
05.2000Installed super-high-performance laser trimming equipment
Developed solenoid valves for injection control (Electrical Equipment Department)
10.2000Developed large solenoid valves for vehicles (Electrical Equipment Department)
02.2002Tomohisa Ota became president-director
04.2004Electronics Department acquired ISO9001 certification
01.2006Headquarters factory won an award as an excellent factory of Kanagawa Prefecture
04.2006Finished making all resistors lead-free
04.2007Electronics Department acquired ISO14001 certification
08.2010Installed non-contact exposure equipment
05.2011Designated as a Kanagawa SME model factory
02.2018Electronics Department registered for ISO9001/14001:2015
Electrical Equipment Department registered for ISO9001:2015
07.2019Yukiho Aikyo became President and CEO
12.2019Flat Electronics Co., Ltd. was merged into the holding company Flat Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd. Capital changed to JPY50 million nominal capital
02.2020Yukiho Aikyo became Chairman and Executive Director Eiji Hayami became President and CEO
12.2020Yukiho Aikyo retires as chairman of the board


Headquarters and factory

3-1-27 Nakatakita, Izumi-ku, Yokohama,Kanagawa, 245-0012, Japan
Tel:+81-45-802-9460 Fax:+81-45-804-0924

By car

Approximately 2.6 km towards Chogo from Yazawa Overpass on National Route 1.
Approximately 2.6 km towards JR Totsuka Station from Izumi Sakaue intersection on Yokohama
Ring Road 4.

By train

Change at JR Totsuka Station or at Shonandai Station on the Odakyu Line, and take the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line to Nakada Station, then walk 7 minutes from Exit 4.

Electrical Equipment Department

4-65-18 Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku,Yokohama, Kanagawa, 245-0013, Japan
Tel:+81-45-801-4462 Fax : +81-45-801-0204

Handling Substances of Concern

Our products are lead-free and compliant with the RoHS Directive and REACH regulations.

Policy on Conflict Minerals

We are working towards prohibition of the use of 3TG (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) mineral resources extracted from conflict zones, such as African countries with humanitarian problems. We are actively working to cut off direct and indirect sources of funds to armed groups, and striving to stop human rights violations and environmental destruction.


We are working to raise product quality and protect the global environment.

Certificate name Site Certification acquisition date Expiration date Certification agency Certificate No.
ISO9001 Electronics Department 04.2004 02.20.2025 SGS JP09/061859
Electrical Equipment Department 02.2018
ISO14001 Electronics Department 04.2007 02.20.2025 SGS JP10/070915