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Exhaustive quality control
and the concentration of advanced

Exhaustive quality control and the concentration of advanced

Since the foundation of Flat Electronics in 1967, we have been accumulating improvements in thin film and superfine machining technologies and applying stringent quality control, in order to keep our products, including the “Flat Ohm” metallic thin film resistor, at the high performance levels demanded for measurement equipment and similar applications. As a result, we have built up a range of products at the world’s highest level of quality. We will go on tackling the challenges of manufacturing high-quality metallic thin film resistors and developing thin metallic film technology application products, to fulfill everyone’s needs in future.

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    • Thu.01.16.2024

    • Thu.01.16.2024

    • Thu.01.13.2022

    • Thu.09.24.2020
      Flat Electronics’s “RFC Series” of square thin metallic film chip resistors has been introduced on the website Metoree, which compares industrial products, on the site’s page for metallic film resistors.
      About Metoree
      Metoree is a website dedicated to comparing information about products for industrial use, aimed at engineers in fields such as design and development.Metoree provides product information as well as details about the products’ manufacturers, for the purpose of comparison.

    • Mon.03.02.2020

    • Fri.02.28.2020
      The Flat Electronics website is redesigned.

    • Tue.12.10.2019

    • Tue.07.09.2019
      Exhibiting at IIFES 2019 (formerly Measurement and Control Show TOKYO)

    • Tue.07.09.2019
      Exhibiting at Measuring Technology Expo 2019

    • Mon.07.01.2019
      Flat Electronics is exhibiting its high-precision resistors at Measuring Technology Expo 2019, held Sep. 11–13, 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight.

    • Mon.07.01.2019

    • Wed.02.06.2019
      Flat Electronics is exhibiting at Technical Show Yokohama 2019 (40th Industrial Technology Exhibition).

    • Thu.06.26.2018

    • Wed.03.28.2018
      The resistance value range of RFC-8D is expanded to 2–5MΩ.

    • Tue.05.15.2018
      Flat Electronics answers the demand for an RFCN-N8D•N16D leaflet.

    • Thu.04.27.2017