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Concerning the handling of personal information within the services provided on this site, Flat Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”) has set the following policy on the protection of personal information, and strives to protect personal information accordingly.

Management of Personal Information

We obtain customers’ personal information by appropriate means, and manage it strictly, with security measures based on the maintenance of security systems, the development of management systems, thorough employee education, and other elements.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

We use personal information entrusted to us by customers, and personal information gathered using cookies, for the following purposes

  • To respond to queries
  • To provide information on our products and other valuable information
  • For surveys and analysis to help us provide better product development and services

Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

We do not disclose personal information entrusted to us by customers to third parties, other than in the following circumstances

  • With the consent of the customer
  • When disclosed to a contractor to which we consign operations, in order to provide services the customer wants
  • When disclosure is required by law

Security Measures for Personal Information

We apply exhaustive security measures to protect the accuracy and safety of personal information.