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Electrical Equipment Department

Certain quality,
linked to user processes

We provide certain quality, linked to user processes.

We build production systems which unify all stages, from development through to mass production, including component procurement. With our seasoned technology and thorough quality control, we create products that are used around the world.

Manufacturing Processes

01Winding processes

Coils for vehicle components are used in harsh environments, so we apply mature technologies to ensure stable performance by finishing coils with perfect regular winding.

02Coil assembly finishing processes

We enhance product quality by coating the copper wires that have been wound onto the coil with adhesive, quickly and uniformly. Careful bonding, soldering, and finishing techniques deliver reliable quality.

03Assembly processes

Our product assembly processes are mechanized and semi-automated, so that we can handle our customers’ orders with flexibility and stable productivity. We win our customers’ trust with reliable assembly according to fixed procedures.

0404 Leak testing processes

Our leak testing equipment reliably finds leaks. Inspection by automated machinery confirms quality and achieves zero

0505 Thrust testing processes

Our thrust testing equipment reliably guarantees operating properties and delivers products of high reliability.

Technical Information